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hasnt been done before. We are providing all neccessary dating services absolutely free: Put your profile on english and russian mirrors of our site. Rather than restricting the functionality

of the current app, she aims to add value and additional features. The idea of men making fake profiles to browse a lesbian site might sound spurious but Exton has been surprised at the rate and extent to which this happens. The earliest version of the app launched last November and Founder Robyn Exton says that there have been weekly adjustments led by the reaction of its community. So there is practically no chance, that you will write to already-married-moved-etc man. Our site improving almost every week based on our customers request. As with most good ideas, Dattch came from personal observations at the right time when Exton was looking to do something new. Must-see, although I'd check the fine print before sharing your credit card, as there's a no refund policy. A lot of the previous lesbian sites were just add-ons. I used to work in a branding agency and we had a dating business as one of our clients so I knew a fair bit about the space, Exton told The Next Web. Possibility to communicate, ask and answer on our forum. The beta testing so far has provided a rich seam of information about the gay female market that will help to fund the app in future. They are full of fake profiles and no ones taking the time to go in and make sure it is a genuine profile. The site offers free profiles, free chat, free sending and receiving messages, winks and e-cards, creating blogs, dating forum. Finance section, use our email service or free chat badekåbe rooms. Were working out how we are going to deal with inbox management, says Exton. New technology, the relationship between sex and technology is a strong one that has led to innovation in payments mechanisms, viewing habits and more, so its no surprise that an app like Dattch could also lead to change for a wider market. Sometimes theres one other girl. Reliability, high speed and usability. Though it would be a fine world if everyone could be out and proud if they chose to be, not everyone wants to be identified by their sexuality.

Profiles will be linked to babytøj Facebook to see if applicants are women and if their profiles are well established 79 681 bIZ, but the biggest problem was the number of guys who create profiles on lesbian sites. Our database is always upto date. ORG, do you like good gadgets, exton explained. There was the problem of helping women find other women they fancy or could go on a date with. Youapos, our mission is to provide Hiend dating services possible at no charge 99 278, exton has spent a lot of time with the London startup and gay communities doing her research 83 684, and the best dating sites 19 361, and in first place. I go to gay geek meetups and its normally dominated by guys. She says that the Facebook verification process is only to check if users are female. The app lets gay women know about other ladies looking for dates in their area.

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They say, we are removing profiles after 30 days of gay dating sites london inactivity. Possibility to set up an album view for your screen resolution for certain account types. This level of engagement leads to a strong area for advertising and a targeted group of women that marketers will doubtless have an interest. Exton says that gay women tend to use Internet dating a lot more than heterosexual women because its harder to meet other gay women. Although gay dating sites london she has worked with developers and designers to get the app up and running. Puzzles and games, we are allowing to exchange direct contact information. Re looking for a cheap holiday we can help you find it in our.


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Ill probably get bollocked by men for saying that, she laughs.Unique, match watcher bot, that allows you to catch your match on our site without a visiting site.Exton says that many of the current lesbian dating sites are an extension of sites originally created for gay men and that this doesnt serve the intended community.Our site is absolutely free for all men and women, so you have access to all profiles in our database from the first steps on our site.”